Oral Hygiene and Your Health

Brushing your teeth can do more than keep your smile white and healthy; it can also help keep your body healthy as well! There are many positive effects from having good oral health, some of which are listed below.  Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Montoya will be happy to explain proper brushing and flossing technique at their Rowlett, TX dental office.

When you brush your teeth, you help increase blood flow to your gums.  The increased blood flow helps prevent gum disease as well as other periodontal diseases. Patients with diabetes may also experience gum disease, as having diabetes can weaken the blood vessels in your gums, which in turn can decrease the blood flow to your gums. A result of this decreased blood flow could be an infection in your gums.

Researchers have also found that heart disease can also be a result of periodontal disease. This link is found through bacteria and the resulting infections found in the gums. This inflammation in the gums can have a direct effect on the heart. Researchers believe the inflammation in hearts could be from the bacteria in our mouths which can contribute to plaque buildup in our arteries. To learn more about our oral hygiene affects the rest of our bodies click the link: http://www.livescience.com/40195-oral-health-body.html.

To make an appointment with Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Montoya for your next dental checkup visit their website: www.mymouthdental.com to make an appointment.


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